Thursday, August 4, 2011

IKEA in Ankara,Turkey

IKEA as you know, founded by Swedish mega furniture entrepreneur  Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 in Stockholm aiming firstly to Sweden and her customers. It strategizes itself for ergonomy, affordability, high tech modern sometimes state of the art design.    The groups of companies that form IKEA are all controlled by INGKA Holding B.V., a Dutch corporation, which in turn is controlled by a tax-exempt, not-for-profit Dutch foundation.[5] The intellectual property of IKEA is controlled by a series of obscure corporations that can be traced to the Netherlands Antilles and to the Interogo Foundation in Liechtenstein.

Now Ikea has stores across the world from UK, Australia, Thailand, USA, Singapore, Turkey with very modern, state of the art airport style furniture shopping centers. 

Customers can find wide variety of Northern European designed, long durable kitchen, living room, bathroom furnitures aiming  longevity, modernity, pursuing European lifestyle and comfortability. You will try those furnitures and live those different aspects. 
IKEA  has recently opened its store in Ankara in July 2011 and it attracts hoards of curious visitors from different parts of Anatolia with European concept on their mind. Customers can choose their house furnitures from various colours, quality of raw materials and their orders can be accomplished by a private transportation company excluded in the price of goods. IKEA can ship bought furnitures to all parts of Anatolia and I am sure that you will be very satisfied  with your orders. 
Ergonomy engineers of IKEA are very professional and after trying those furnitures, couches, chairs and tables you want to sustain your desire to stay in those furnitures. Satisfied customers as you know will , with the help of grapevine, attract 100 or more satisfied customers. IKEA Assistants are also helpful and explain your questions with their great wills. Good luck with IKEA Ankara. is the company's webadress.  

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